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Here at FittMove we aim to make exercise more sustainable, effective and fun through properly applying the FIIT elements to our training concepts.

F - Frequency

I - Intensity

T - Time

T - Type

We know that the number one downfall when it comes to people achieving their fitness goals is a lack of consistency. We want to make exercising consistently more achievable than ever by making individual and group exercise more accessible, more effective and more rewarding.

By creating a community atmosphere and ensuring that each member feels challenged and yet rewarded throughout their time at FittMove, we're sure that you'll progress towards your goals like you've never felt able to before.

We look forward to working with you.

                                                             -The FittMove team


Generic or bespoke long-term workout programmes dependent on your requirements.

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Online personal training sessions for those looking for more bespoke guidance.

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Online classes via Zoom making exercising from your home more fun and effective than it's ever been, under the guidance of qualified instructors.

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After working with the team in person before the lockdowns started to hit, I could feel my fitness levels improving immediately and soon after the weight started to drop down to a level that I hadn't been able to reach since my 30's!
I continued working with Periodized programming due to the way that the programmes were structured towards allowing for obvious progression. If you're looking for a friendly team with knowledge and expertise into weight loss then i'd highly recommend.

Chris, 54

As a writer, I've spent years sitting and lost a lot of motivation for exercise.
Getting back in to a routine was tough for me hence my decision to seek help from the team at Periodized Programming. 
From the consultation process through to the training everything was great. They made me feel comfortable and with the plan they put in place for me I didn't feel like the training was taking away from my life which was originally my worry...I hate exercising!
Instead, I found that pleasantly, it felt more like the sessions were adding to my life which allowed sustainability.
I'm now feeling much better in myself and through the mobility training, core work and stretching exercises I am suffering much less now from my lower back pain.

Janice, 62

As a shy individual, I didn't feel I was yet comfortable to join the gym but I wanted to start building my fitness levels and confidence to do so.

I trained with Periodized Programming for 3 months and I enjoyed every second.

My main goal was to reduce my body fat levels and improve my conditioning.

This was done through HIIT sessions and body-weight resistance at home. I wasn't sure if it would be enough to get me to my goals originally but after the first week I could tell that the team really knew what they were doing.

I reached my fitness goals in the time-frame that I wanted to and am now the happy member of a gym continuing to move forward with my fitness goals with monthly consultations with the Periodized Programming team.

Adnan, 26

I had 3 months to reduce my body weight by 10kg and improve my fitness levels drastically in order to pass my military fitness test.

I had been given the recommendation to work with Periodized Programming by a friend as they were able to achieve a good level of results with them.

The training was different to what I had done before but it worked well and the programmes were always well catered towards my needs after a functional movement test was carried out online with the team. Due to the fitness testing requirements being mainly cardio and bodyweight based exercises, at home training and programming suited me well and the team were able to guide me in the right direction to lose the required weight and pass my fitness goals with ease. Highly recommended to anybody looking to improve their fitness levels in a fun and affordable way.

Khalfan, 31

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